Repercussion on the Company

  • Accidents, Unruly Behavior & Low Motivation Level
  • Higher Customer Claims & Dissatisfaction
  • Higher Breakdown, Impacts financial & Operation efficiency
  • Real time Incident In 2002 August 13 Vehicle in a row met with accidents mostly due to driver negligence

Typical Driver’s Profile

Background of the Driver

  • Education — > Illiterate or Moderately Educated
  • Socio Economic Status –> Lower/ Middle Class

Skill Set

  • Training — > No Formal Training
  • License –> Thru Illegal means

Job profile

  • Very Hard Working Hours/No Proper Resting Hours
  • Harassment & High Risk Job


  • Wrong Moral Habits
  • Addiction to Drugs & Alcohol


  • Communication & Inter personal skills
  • Attitude and appearance
  • Fire fighting and first aid training
  • Right selection and on the job training
  • Health, Safety, Security, Environment,
  • Traffic education
  • Kaizen based mistake proofing processes
  • Process oriented working and measurement systems
  • A well developed and executed Preventive Maintenance program for predictable vehicle maintenance.

Our Strategy

Back up fleet and manpower Planning: Stand by vehicles and adequate work force would be made available to avoid any failure. Preventive Maintenance of Vehicles: All fleet will be checked and maintained by the expert force by using genuine replacement. Immediate follow up: Crisis management group would ensure immediate follow up in case of contingencies. Situation Control and Information flow: Contingency task force would ensure regular information and take all remedial action required .
And in the normal circumstances the CTF pays attention to minimise the lead time by auditing the resources


Delivered over 58,194 Cars annually.
Operates from 4 major (South, West, North and East) Locations.
Has a land bank of more than 406,000 SFT.
Company owned fleet 176 trailers and 81 Cabs
Heading Alliance Car Carrier with group strength of 1000 car carriers.
Handled about 18,000 export cars in a year.
Employs over 447 well-trained and motivated staff.
Recognized Approved Tourist Transport Operator by the Ministry of Tourism.
CRISIL rating SME II for the year 2012 , 2013 and 2014 indicating ‘High’ level of creditworthiness.
NSIC-CRISIL SE 1B rating indicating ‘ Highest Performance Capability’