Carving the niche

Identified the Pivots which result in the Customer Delight

  • On Time Delivery
  • Damage Free Delivery
  • Claim Compensation
  • Act as a solution provider to the clients

Benchmarks setting under each pivots

  • The Clients were involved in sharing and help us setting the benchmarks

Monitoring & Execution

  • Setting up of a full time department dedicated to safety, punctuality, security & constantly monitoring the performance
  • Regular MIS has become the routine affair to all the stakeholders

Walking that extra mile ..

Making the Driver as a partner and facilitator

  • Will be discussed in detail in the Personnel Management

Evolving our role to the Solution Provider from Service Provider

  • Setting up of Hub & Stock yard for Storage and multiple Facilities for the Car manufactures
  • Developing Robot design for trailor suitable for Indian Conditions
  • Working Closely with Company to economize & providing solutions

How Transporter Business Starts

  • Cost of the Truck -18-20 lakhs
  • Financing Industry evolved – 80% + finance support
  • Minimum nominal Capital required
  • Technical Competency Required is Driving & small tips of Maintenance

Challenge for Any Transporter

  • How to stand out in the crowd
  • Provide a reliable service & offer customer delight
  • Secure repeat business with for the service provided

Impact of Low Entry & Exit Barriers

  • Under cutting of the Prices , Stiff Competition
  • Lot of Service Providers

Profiling the Industry

  • Entry Barrier – Almost Negligible
  • Exist Barrier – Almost Negligible